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Dr.Aanchal Sehrawat brings innovative solutions, therapies and programs tailor made especially for your skin.

With the latest , most effective technologies and science ,our clinic can give you quick and long-lasting results for all your skin & hair issues.

We believe in long term solutions, not short term fixes. Our approach is to design a solution/treatment plan,so that you can have natural glowing skin for your lifetime.

Chemical Peel

Chemi - expoliation is a minimally invase technique to improve appearance of one's skin. It causes a controlled destruction of top-most layer of skin resulting in a healthy skin. Chemical peeling is a good option to treat signs of skin damage due to ageing,over-exposure to skin ,acne,and melasma.


Highly Effective treatment to get fresh young looking skin. High pressure of Aluminium oxide crytals are used to remove the upper few layers of the dead skin. It gradually diminishes fine wrinkle ,blemishes even out acne scars and provide Radiant even tone skin.

Laser Tattoo

Once considered a permanent mark,now the tattoo can be removed efficaceously with laser.Laser react with in the ink in the tattoo and desrupts it which is then taken up by immune system. It normally takes 6-8 sittings, spread weeks apart.

Laser Hair Removal

It is considered most safe,most effective ,virtually painless way to remove unwanted hair from visible areas. It works by focusing beam at the base of hair follicle thereby hatting the hair growth. It can be done on any part of body including face,legs,underarms.

BOTOX & Fillers

Botox is a prescription meducation injected into muscles to reduce appearance of frown lines,worry lines,crow's feet.It temporarily weakens muscle movement and soften the creases muscles create.It takes 3-7 days for effect to began which lasts for 3-6 months.


A boon for those who are in pursuit of an effective hair loss treatment .A leading edge of regeneraure medicine that is extensively used for cosmetic medicine. It uses your own blood in which plasma of your is concentrated & is injected back into tissues of your skin.It is tottally safe.

Photo Facial

It is fast ,virtually pain free procedure designed to help you acieve beautifull radient complexion which you have been longing for.It addresses skin pigmentation issues like melasma,shallow scarring and facial redness.


Minimally invasive technique which involes using a dermaroller to create hundreds of tiny ,invisible puncture wounds in top layers of skin.It results in increased collagen production ,therapy reversing signs of ageing.Also helpful in treating open pores ,acne scars,stretch marks,even hair growth.

Meet The Doctor!


Dr.Aanchal Sehrawat

MBBS, DDVL, DNB(Skin And Venereal diseases)

Dr Aanchal Sherawat in Dermatologist and skin specialist working at Dr.Aanchal Skin and Hair Clinic, Gurgaon, Haryana .

She has experience of 5 years as a Dermatologist and cosmetologist. She specialises in treatment of various skin diseases Like acne vitilligo and sexual transmitted disease etc. Dr.Aanchal is trained in using all kind of skin lasers for anti-aging treatment skin rejuvenation Tattoo removal hair removal and mole and wart removal.

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